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MoCA® 2.5 Adapter (2 Pack)

This MoCA 2.5 Adapter turns your home's existing coax cable wiring into a high-speed, reliable 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connection between your router and any smart TV, gaming console, or other remote device. Enhance the reach and performance of your network in minutes with plug and play set up. The MM2025 easily handles high-data traffic to lower internet latency, free up WiFi capacity, and deliver more wireless bandwidth for increased speeds. This device transmits over the same coax cables as your cable TV/internet or fiber-optic service, with no interference. Not compatible with satellite-based coax networks


  • Faster, reliable connections Create full 2.5 Gbps connections between your router and any device with an Ethernet port using your home’s coax wiring.* In addition to faster speeds, you’ll get lower latency, higher reliability, and better security.
  • Better WiFi. High-data traffic over your coax cable won’t continue to bring your WiFi network to its knees. Freeing up WiFi capacity means more bandwidth and speeds for all your devices.
  • Superior streaming and gaming. Bye bye, dropped signals and loading delays. You’ll love your network’s lower latency and more stable signal.
  • Plug and play. No need to configure our MoCA adapter or your router. Just connect the MM1025 between your coax connection and your modem, WiFi router, or other connected device and you’re ready to go.
  • Expert support included. If you need help, easily tap into our two-year warranty and free U.S.-based customer support.

* Actual speeds may be lower than 2.5 Gbps due to signal losses from Coax splitters and cables, when connecting to slower MoCA Adapters, or using slower Internet services.